MID Alum Dominic Prestifilippo Presents Workshop on Storytelling

FastFWD Design Talk & Workshop with Andculture

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Philadelphia Impact Hub
1227 N. 4th Street

For businesses, storytelling is more than just consumer messaging, it also a way to persuade investors, rally employees and build a brand. There are many elements of a great story, but no factor is more important than the teller’s understanding of his or her audience. Join Dominic Prestifilippo (UArts MID ‘12) and Justin Kunkel from andCulture, an experience design agency, as they discuss the importance of stories and how to start making them more compelling to more people.

Dominic and Justin will discuss  how they use storytelling in their research and design projects, explain the power stories can have in a business context and provide tips to make them more engaging. They will then lead the participants through a guided process for defining key topics of relevance for prioritized audiences.

MID Alum Dominic Prestifilippo Presents Workshop on Storytelling

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