Georgia Guthrie

Georgia Guthrie (’11) is a senior designer at the Action Mill, and Director of a hacker/makerspace called The Hacktory. Reflecting on how her education prepared her for a career beyond graduate school, Georgia offered the following:

“At the Action Mill, I am part of a small, focused design team that is shaping products and services to improve end-of-life communication and decision-making. It’s an area I didn’t expect to be working in, but I’ve come to see that a human-centered approach is the only way people will get the care they actually want at the end of their lives. My training in the DSI graduate program at UArts was invaluable preparation for this work, in giving me the ability to take an entirely different perspective on a problem many others have examined, find new angles to create prototypes with, and work towards simple, impactful solutions.

At The Hacktory, I manage day to day operations and work to build reinforcing frameworks for volunteers and class participants to learn, create, and play with technology. For this work, I constantly refer to the design training I received to focus on the audience, as well as specific tools to help groups solve their own problems. These resources have helped make The Hacktory a place and community that is more enthusiastic and inclusive than other similar spaces.”

Read Georgia’s thesis document (in collaboration with Danny Chang), “FuChi: Future Chinatown”: