Jordan Shade

Recent alumna Jordan Shade graduated with a position at IBM in Austin, TX already secured. Reflecting on her journey, and how her education prepared her for a career beyond graduate school, Jordan offered the following:

“After carefully considering career opportunities as graduation closed in, I decided to work as a design researcher for IBM out of Austin, TX. IBM won me over with their commitment to design thinking in re-directing the future of enterprise software. What is enterprise software you might ask? Well, it’s one of many domains in which design thinking and all its important elements are very applicable. While I didn’t have hardly any experience in software design when I was hired, I am able to apply my knowledge and expertise in service design, generative design research, systems thinking, empathy-based user research, and collaboration every day. While I was hired as a design researcher specifically, I often find myself working in the realms of user experience design, visual design, and trying to learn about code and the medium of software. I work on a small multidisciplinary team under the portfolio of Business Analytics in a beautiful design studio full of white boards and post-its.”

Read Jordan’s thesis document “What Do You Think? Engaging Youth to Design Their Own Education Together”: