DSI at BWxD14 (part II)

Reflection on BWxD14 by DSI Post-graduate Fellow Min Yeh

A part of the design process to explore what is happening in the design/social design world is to go out and talk to people. In this case, both designers and non-designers who utilize the design process to make change in the world. I am grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of Better World by Design, gaining insights and inspirations from diverse projects which have been done by other designers within their own specialties. What I experienced in the three-day event was a design marathon full of creativity and energy throughout. It was a well-planned, content-rich, and student-oriented conference that brought designers and students from different cities and backgrounds together.

The theme of 2014 “WAYFINDING” set up an inviting tone for participants from different fields, introducing us to a variety of ways to navigate the expanding spectrum of design for social impact. Since the presentations and workshops covered a dynamic range, from science to the arts, usage of technology to formation of a community, it helped me as a designer to re-define the concept map of how and where design can make impact in the world. Those landmarks included: education, social entrepreneurship, civic design, community engagement, global projects and the discussion surrounding them not only shaped the territory of the present tense of design, but also set the right questions to frame how design will work tomorrow: Why and how does design function in different projects? What are the collaboration opportunities across design and multi-discipline. When I reflected back to this web of design constructed through the conference, I began to have a new perspective on where I am now and where I might want to go in this design field.

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